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Laundry Detergent Powder : Target- lye soap powder for sale ,1904. $10.99 - $19.99. Choose options. Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Powder Laundry Detergent - Fresh Scent - 10lbs. Arm & Hammer. 4.7 out of 5 stars with 174 ratings. 174. $14.99.Lye Soap – MoSoapLye Soap. True old fashioned lye soap - no exotic oils, no fragrance, just simple ingredients for clean, natural soap. These classic lye soaps contain no coconut or other tropical nut oils as many "old fashioned" soaps on the market today offer. We source local ingredients and support our local farm families.

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Lye is very popular in soap industry for making natural soap with traditional methods. Reaction between sodium hydroxide and some fatty acids from oils, called saponification, produces hard soaps. It may need upto 40 days to complete saponification process (Curing). Amount of Lye used in this process depends of saponification value of oil and fat.

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People have been using lye as a detergent or soap for thousands of years! Up until the 18th Century, the old-fashioned ingredients for making soap were: wood ashes, water, animal fat and salt. This was used all around the globe. Simply described - ashes, soaked and heated in water is the way to make lye.

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Before you begin making soap, make sure you have researched a tested recipe. For cold and hot process soaps, you will need to work with 100 percent lye. Lye is a caustic chemical that can cause serious burns. Select a work area that is open, well-ventilated and free of clutter.

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PERFECT for making handmade soap using lye! The WSP Lye Calculator lets you play 'what if' with your soap recipe. You can easily change what oils are used and the formula percentages. The calculator will then compute the recipe and displaying the anticipated qualities of the soap.

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Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Hydroxide Flakes. Our Sodium Hydroxide, sometimes called lye, is food grade. It is commonly used to make high quality, handmade soap. Highest quality produced which makes top quality soap. Many People choose to use these flakes because they claim they produce less static!

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Dec 08, 2019·Making soap is not difficult once you get the compounds you need, which are relatively inexpensive, and carefully put them together in a controlled environment. The type of soap you make, bar versus liquid, is determined by the choice of the compound you use for your salt, sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is also known as lye, or potassium hydroxide (KOH), also known as potash.

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Welcome to Fun With Soap SOAP MAKING SUPPLIES SHOP You are Welcome to buy directly from our shop without ordering online. Visit our Store in Kempton Park. STORE HOURS 9-4 Weekdays 9-12 Saturdays

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Nothing says old-fashioned like lye soap. Made just like Grandma always did it, with only 3 ingredients - lard, water and lye. No additives or detergents like modern soaps Better than bleach on dirty whites and stained clothing Extra-gentle on sensitive skin May help relieve conditions like psoriasis and eczema with regular use Long-lasting 6-oz bar USA made

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Lye Soap, made with lye and lard and nuthin' else, not even any of that sweet smellin' stuff that's in all the other soaps we sell. Our customers have taught us well - there's nothing quite like this lye soap recipe for stopping the spread of poison ivy or oak, or taking tough stains out of clothes, especially salvaging antique linens.

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Lye For Soap. Lye- Sodium Hydroxide Beads for Soap Making. Natures Garden's lye (sodium hydroxide) is packaged in certified HDPE bottles with child proof lids. Each bottle is 2 lbs. in weight, and food grade quality. Natures Garden's lye is 99% pure lye micro beads; which is …

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Oct 03, 2011·This recipe will give a non superfatted soap. aka: laundry soap Ck out recipes by running them through a soap calculator like soapcalc Most soaps used for skin have a superfat of 4-6%. That’s 4-6% more fats/oils than it takes for the lye to saponify the fats/oils used in a recipe.

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Caustic soda is also traded as concentrate solid pellets, flakes or bulk fused (about 98% concentration). Any solutions are also called “soda lye” which are milky white to yellowish-brown coloured liquids. Pure sodium hydroxide is a colorless crystalline solid that melts at 318 °C without decomposition.

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12 Lbs White Caustic Soda - Food Grade - NSF Lye - Soap-Maker Sodium Hydroxide. $42.99. SPONSORED. Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda 99% Pure lab chemical E524 Lye 100g. $9.75. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda)/Lye 2.2 LB(1 KG) Soap-Maker (NaOH) $19.99.

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Sodium Hydroxide (Lye/Caustic Soda) For Cold and Hot Process Soapmaking - this alkali makes a solid BAR soap, not liquid soap. We recommend the use of a Lye Calculator to ensure you have a balanced and moisturising recipe. You'll find links to these on our Recipe Tutorial Pages and Links Page .

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Jun 24, 2013·Laundry Soap (safe for HE machines - low suds) 1 Bar - Hunter's (Lye) Soap - finely grated. (or any other PURE soap - Fels Naptha is a commonly used one) 1 Cup - 20 Mule Team Borax. 1 Cup - Arm & Hammer Washing Power. 1/4 Cup - Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (optional - reduces odors) *use 1-2 tbs per load* (32-64 loads)

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Also know as Lye or Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydroxide is a necessary soap making ingredient used in the production of natural cold process and hot process bar soaps. Also widely used as a pH buffer in cosmetics. Since Sodium Hydroxide can be irritating and caustic to the skin, proper care and caution should be taken when using sodium hydroxide. ie: use in a properly ventilated area wearing gloves ...

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It adds a subtle yellow color and mild exfoliation to DIY soap, lotion, and scrub. Usage Instructions: Cold process soap Mix 1 teaspoon of the powder with 1 tablespoon of lightweight oil. Add 1 dispersed teaspoon at a time at trace. Melt and pour soap Mix 1 teaspoon of the powder with 1 …

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Item Code Size Colour Price ; Mou001: A4-DD96 2 per mould: Clear Round: R 28.70: Add to Cart: Mou002: A4-DH01 2 per mould: Clear-Oval: R 28.70: Add to Cart: Mou003: A4-DD94 2 per mould

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Useful in making soaps:Caustic soda powder can convert oils and fats into soaps. It is widely popular in the soap-making industry as lye or caustic soda. Its compatibility with diverse ingredients allows you to use it for making homemade soaps as well. It is crucial for the saponification …

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Sodium Hydroxide Beads or lye comes in a bead form that is often more uniform than sodium hydroxide flakes. It is used in cold and hot process soap making and produces a solid bar. It is extremely caustic and irritating to the skin, so avoid direct contact.

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Use in soap, commonly used in formula of cleansing products and shaving products. Hydrolyzes fats (saponification) and forms soaps. Dangerous, corrosive and Hazardous material. For professional use only. Sodium Hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda, lye, or sodium hydrate, is a caustic compound which attacks organic matter.

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Goats Milk Soap, no lye soap, bath soap, scented soap for women, Goats milk bath, moisturizing soap, moisturizing body soap, bath time. LetsGetWell. From shop LetsGetWell. $4.00 FREE shipping. Favorite.

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Instant Power Crystal Lye Drain Opener quickly and effectively clears clogged drains. Powerful 100% Lye formula creates heat to melt and dissolve grease, hair, soap, scum, and other drain clogging material. Clears drain lines in 15-30 minutes. For use in kitchen and bathroom …

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Indigo Powder is a natural blue powder that has been used for many years to naturally dye clothing and cosmetic products. Indigo Powder is dark blue to purple in Melt and Pour Soaps and a grayish purple in Cold Process Soap. Why People Use This Product: As a natural dye in clothing and cosmetics. Popular Products That Use This Ingredient:

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If you are familiar with the soap-making process, you would know that additives and lye are essentials for this. Additives like isopropyl alcohol are used in soaps for its antiseptic properties. Due to the same reason, you can see it as an essential ingredient in several lotions, aftershaves, and other cosmetic products.